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Bulk Swipe Actions

Being able to swipe bulk items to do things Suh as archive, trash, star, to-do, etc... instead of having to push and hold to do bulk item actions.

Something similar to what Mailbox did by swiping at the very bottom of the emails would be ideal. Or being able to "push hold," select various emails, then swiping one will swipe all of them to do a certain action.

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  • Dom commented  · 

    Ability to swipe all mail to archive at the same time, like Spark, Mailbox...

  • Jan Sapper commented  · 

    This is repeated... Mailox Admin, merge these 2 feature requests?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes. This is the feature I miss most from a Mailbox user.

  • Mike commented  · 

    I really cannot not emphasize how much I want bulk swipe actions. Its the feature I miss most about mailbox and none of the major alternatives have it. Spark allows bulk delete and bulk archive, but not snooze or move. I've grown used to managing my email this way and would love to see the feature added to airmail.

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