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Can you please add the attachment at the begging of the email. This is a must for business users not to swipe to end of email to see an attachment.

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  • Claire commented  · 

    I completely agree. I love Airmail but having to scroll all the way to the bottom of the email is not cool.
    I am using Airmail on my Mac.

  • Casey Schreiner commented  · 

    100% agreed with this. It's probably the most irritating part about Airmail right now.

  • Robin de Groot commented  · 

    It's already a year later and this feature/option still isn't offered. I sure hope this will be added this year.
    I've switched to another email app called Email by Easylido because of this. Is that one perfect? Nope it lacks loads of feature that Airmail has but this feature is really important for day to day work where there are really long e-mail and I want to quickly open the attachments and don't scroll all the way down.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    As business is concern is it very difficult to handle attachments embedded in email . It is not use because it is to small to read attachment as it is ( i have 5,5 inch screen ) and anyway you must open to see. Yesterday i received a reply email ro a very long conversation ( 8-9 emails) with 10 attachments . I had to scroll a lot to reach the attachments than again to scroll to check attachments . It is very bad the way they are included now . It should be as on sent emails grouped at the begining below subject line

  • Cristian commented  · 

    Much neede option, please add the file attachments on top bar.

  • Cristian commented  · 

    Please add this option, it would help a lot while reading email, because now the attachment is all the way at the bottom of a very long thread of email conversations!

  • Cristian commented  · 

    Confirmed, please please add the file attachments on top of every email, right below the sender / receiver information. Please!

  • Jordan commented  · 

    They could be fixed at the bottom with the option to swipe down to collapse attachments or swop up to expand attachment container

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    How about just enabling a view of the attachments of that particular email. This way it wouldn't matter a bit where the attachment is put. Attachments are always put at the end of a message except for some Rich Text or HTML clients who put them inline. Any other view is just a feature of an "email client" like Outlook.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This is an absolute must for me. Or at the very least please create a button or command which we can use to quickly get to the bottom of an email chain to access attachments.

  • Rich commented  · 

    Agree. I have two challenges with how attachments show that have caught me out a few times. One is that when there's a really long email chain it can be easy to miss the paperclip symbol and not realise there is an attachment to the latest email. If you do notice, it can be a bit annoying having to scroll down through 20 messages to get to it. Perhaps if attachments showed in the body of the text of the most recent email this would help.

    The second issue I have is how the thumbnail size of attachments is so large. If there's several attachments you have to remember to scroll to the right to see the others.

  • Mlrobin commented  · 

    Better yet just give the option. I personally like the attachment at the bottom and out of the way of my email. Please don't remove the feature, but give the ability to add it to the location of choice.

  • Horacio commented  · 

    will be great!

  • David Toub commented  · 

    Agree. At beginning or at least wherever one drags it.

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