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S/MIME encryption and signatures please!

With the availability of free S/MIME certificates from StartSSL and Comodo, they are essentially cheap enough for everybody to use (we just have to educate people)

I would dearly love to see at least S/MIME security capability with Airmail for iOS. The lack of this feature is glaring on many iOS mail apps. I have actively chosen AGAINST third party apps because of this lack.

In my perfect world, it would include GPG/PGP key cryptography, but I don't know how technically feasible it is on the iOS platform.

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Geordon VanTassle shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Apple mail app is in this season.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Basically negates any reason to use airmail on mobile. Should have existed in GM release 3. Here we are in beta and nothing. All I can advise is that the Mac Mail app is now better far and wide than this whole mess. At least enable some antiquated s/mime for now.. but I see this is not an issue to your dev team. Waste of money and should be uninstalling today.

  • tonyseek commented  · 

    s/mime still not workin in MS Exchange environment

    +1, even for the latest release 3.5.4 (467)

  • Mark commented  · 

    not solved, those plugins are for macOS and not iOS.
    To sent a signed mail I have to switch to Apples Mail App :-(

  • Christian Lasch commented  · 

    s/mime still not workin in MS Exchange environment => NOT solved

  • Christian Lasch commented  · 

    Neither the GPG-Plugin nor the S/MIME Plugin work if you use an MS Exchange Server - so for my environment it is NOT solved. Support is involved since 12 months without any solution. Very poor performance.

  • Christian Lasch commented  · 

    This feature is NOT solved, if you use an exchange server with Airmail. Under this condition the plugin crases every time you try to send a message. Airmail support answered a year ago that they will fix it. Guys from Airmail - please prioritize encryption over unnecessary usability features!

  • Jamie commented  · 

    I can only assume there is no movement on this? The fact that the plugins for S/MIME and PGP are still "beta" and there is *nothing* for iOS is disappointing given many of the recent revelations regarding government snooping. Giving users a way to encrypt their communications is becoming more of a necessity as we move into a 'tinfoil hat world'.

    For now, if there is any encrypted email I need to read I can at least use Apple's built in, but as I'm sure you are aware, this is lacking in many areas — which is why you made such a kick-ass alternative in the first place.

    Please please please give us a (hopefully positive) update on this common feature request.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Also waiting for S/MIME support to try Airmail

  • Dan North commented  · 

    Yes please! I'm back using because I need the digital signature. I'm really missing Airmail!

  • Kris commented  · 

    This is mandatory, additionally PGP. Finally when?

  • Richard Bell commented  · 

    This is long overdue, please add this!

  • Noel Hunter commented  · 

    The plugin for the mac version works well-- but I have to revert to Apple mail on my iPhone to sign and encrypt. Any ETA on when/if?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    No S/MIME support is a deal breaker for me.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    S/Mime or pgp
    Encryption is a must today.

    Please give us this feature in your email app.


  • Richard Bell commented  · 

    Definitely a feature worth implementing. I've been asking for this since the beginning, especially since it exists on the macOS client.

  • Cristian commented  · 

    Please add S/MIME encryption features like the default iOS app already has!

  • Jeff commented  · 

    Yes, it's time. Encryption and data security is becoming a need for everyone, and should be the default of the future.

  • Mirko commented  · 

    A feature I would appreciate.

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